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i've built my brand on captivating images and meaningful storytelling and created a community that trusts my recommendations
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Genex, Performance Beef, Runza, Vermeer Ag, TePari, Ariat, Kimes Ranch, Stetson, Boot Barn, Wrangler, Red Wing Heritage, Stormy Kromer, Berne Workwear, Red Land Cotton, Oak & Eden, Solly Baby, Hatch

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Regenerative Agriculture Summit, Farm Journal Field Days, Nebraska Women in Agriculture, Farmer 2 Farmer, American Hereford Association The Brand Marketing Summit

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Working Cows Podcast, The Climb Podcast, AgChicks Podcast “The Dirt”, The Creative Souls Podcast, Cowgirl Problems Podcast, Heart of the Bison Podcast, Farmer Traveler Podcast, FarmHer Podcast, Ranching Brunette Podcast, The Rural Woman Podcast, Rural Revival Podcast 

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Welcome to my online community where I post all things ranching and familying from our ranch in Central Nebraska.