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Natalie is a 4th generation cattle rancher turned social entrepreneur who weaves western culture and urban living to showcase agriculture in a unique andd fashion.

She is the dynamic co-host of the popular podcast, Discover Ag and has carved out a niche for herself beyond the digital landscape as a sought-after, dynamic speaker. Alongside her husband Luke, Natalie owns and operates Kovarik Cattle Co, a cattle ranch located in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills.

 Through thoughtful conversations Natalie is pioneering a fresh take on agriculture and turning food and farming from “distant and boring” to “engaging and entertaining.”

A SXSW speaker & voted a top 30 over 30 cowgirl, Natalie’s dedication to ranching, storytelling, and community-building is not only bridging the gap between rural and urban counterparts, but also empowering fellow producers to amplify their voices and further the legacy of agriculture for generations to come.

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From the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills, Natalie Kovarik shares her ranching and familying story online to showcase the beauty behind the western lifestyle as well as foster a community who supports and trusts in Agricultural as much as she does.

Natalie is the co-host of the popular podcast Discover Ag as well as the co-founder of Elevate Ag - an online course and community providing producers with the tools they need to successfully advocate and share online. She and her husband own and operate Kovarik Cattle Co, a cow calf operation with a growing registered herd> Most of her days are spent collecting meaningful moments on the ranch bouncing around in a ranger or out in pasture on horseback.

With roots firmly planted in the ranching community, Natalie aims to spend her time pioneering ag conversations, while collecting meaningful moments on her ranch with her family.

I'm Natalie Kovarik, a ranch wife, RANCH mom, & rancher myself

xoxo Nat


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Natalie has spoken on ag stages across the nation & also founded and led her own "rural rooted" retreats focused on online marketing + rural entrepreneurship for females in the western, rural and ag setting.

Natalie is comfortable on stage and will mix her fun personality with her knowledgable
background to deliver an engaging speech that will resonate with your audience and create a lasting impression.