Natalie has built her brand on pairing meaningful storytelling with captivating images AND created a community that trusts her recommendations
and ideas.

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American Farm Bureau, South Dakota Young Farmers & Ranchers, Sustainable Agriculture Summit, Farm Journal Field Days, Nebraska Women in Agriculture, Farmer 2 Farmer, American Hereford Association The Brand Marketing Summit

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Leaders of the West Podcast, Natural State Podcast,  Plant Free MD podcast, , Chris Irvin Thinking health podcast,, Carnivore Conversations podcast, Low Carb Hustle podcast, Working Cows Podcast, The Climb Podcast, AgChicks Podcast “The Dirt”, The Creative Souls Podcast, Cowgirl Problems Podcast, Heart of the Bison Podcast, Farmer Traveler Podcast, FarmHer Podcast and so many more

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"Natalie captivated a room of students, PhDs, industry leaders and media professionals alike at the Agriculture: The Eras Event' hosted by Texas Tech's Davis College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources. The event kicked off our week-long celebration of agriculture and Natalie's expertise, influence, and meaningful insights left us feeling proud of our industry, inspired to pursue challenges, and hopeful for the future of agriculture." Davis College of Ag Sciences, Texas Tech 

"Intentional, heartfelt, compelling, and sincere are all words I would use to describe Natalie and her speaking style. She was the keynote speaker for our rural women’s entrepreneur event and was incredibly easy to work with, coordinating and communicating the booking. Natalie took the time to truly understand and tailor her topic to our attendees in a meaningful way. Speaking on being brave in business and relating that to the women in attendance her heart shined through. It was obvious that her message was well received as the social media following the event has all made mention in numerous ways to being brave within their businesses. I would highly recommend Natalie as a keynote speaker. - Gather PNW

 Natalie presented a workshop and keynote to at our 2023 annual convention. She’s not afraid to ask some of the hard questions and encourages the agriculture industry to keep moving forward rather than getting stuck under different labels and trends. Her talk helps ag professionals and producers consider what our role is in these conversations and how we can improve.
We really enjoyed her time with us! - Montana Farm Buruea