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Leaders of the West Podcast, Natural State Podcast,  Plant Free MD podcast, , Chris Irvin Thinking health podcast,, Carnivore Conversations podcast, Low Carb Hustle podcast, Working Cows Podcast, The Climb Podcast, AgChicks Podcast “The Dirt”, The Creative Souls Podcast, Cowgirl Problems Podcast, Heart of the Bison Podcast, Farmer Traveler Podcast, FarmHer Podcast and so many more

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"It was a treat to work with Natalie and Luke! Natalie was very responsive, creative and engaging. It was the first time we had done any type of social influencer collaboration and she made it an easy experience ... we saw our highest demo requests via the website on the day the YouTube video was posted, increased interest from backgrounders and the sales team heard many leads indicate they heard about Performance Beef from the Kovarik content. We definitely look forward to collaborating again in the future!" M Norby, Performance Livestock Analytics

"Working with Natalie was the first time we had collaborated with a social media influencer. Natalie made the entire process fun and easy and provided a lot of great advice and support along the way. The quality of the posts, stories and IGTV that she created exceeded my expectations. The beautiful images she provided that highlighted our products were just icing on the cake. In the seven days immediately following our first campaign with the Kovarik family, traffic increased dramatically to both our Instagram pages and website, with 25% of the hits on the page of the product we were advertising coming directly from Natalie’s Instagram posts. I can’t recommend Natalie enough if you are looking to work with someone who will authentically and enthusiastically promote your agriculture products. We plan to continue our work with the Kovarik family in the future." S Thorson, Genex

" Our partnership with Discover Ag has been everything we could have asked for and more. At the start of the year, podcast marketing was a reasonably foreign concept for us here at Ringers Western, however Natalie and Tara have not only met expectations but exceeded them. Their down to earth and fun loving nature mixed with their insightful views and professional background that you get to experience on their podcast goes far beyond their content. It is reflected in the quality and genuine care that they invest into their collaborative partnerships with businesses, which we've had the pleasure of experiencing. Discover Ag as a marketing channel has and continues to provide us with an overwhelming amount of new customers from all across the world, and is a partnership we will never look back from - these ladies have truly set the bar." G Nipperress, Ringers Western