Below is a ranchers review of three different calving products from GENEX: Foundation 150 colostrum™, Push Paste™ and RumiLIfe PopPlus™. We use a lot of GENEX beef and dairy products on our operation and are always impressed by the quality and satisfied with the results.

In addition to the written material below, you can also watch this VIDEO of my husband Luke reviewing the different products on my Instagram page @nataliekovarik

female ranchers filling up genex beef foundation 150 whole colostrum bag in barn sink

GENEX Foundation 150™ : whole colostrum

The moment a newborn calf is born quality colostrum is imperative. If supplementation or replacement is needed, Foundation™ 150 is the product of choice on our ranch. It’s a whole bovine colostrum that comes in a clean, convenient ready to use bag.

How it works & why we love it


Foundation™ 150 comes in a disposable bag making it quick, clean & convenient. Each bag has the amount needed for one dose/one calf along with its own disposable tuber. On the end of the bag is a screw lid. Simply unscrew the bag, fill it with water to a marked line, recap it and shake.


Foundation 150 is made from whole bovine colostrum so it contains all of the bioactive factors a calf needs. There are no blood, whey, egg or other ingredients not naturally found in maternal colostrum.

Purchase GENEX Foundation™ 150 online as well as other GENEX beef and dairy products HERE.

female ranchers straddling new born calf getting ready to care for the animal by administering it genex beef push energy supplementation

GENEX Push™ : energy supplement

We use Push Paste when we have a cold weather or stressed calf that needs help getting up to nurse its mother. Push comes in a pre dosed tube, so you simply take the cap off and push the contents directly into the calves mouth. It’s an extremely concentrated paste, 19.5% protein and almost 52% fat, so it provides a great burst of energy when a calf needs it most.

Purchase GENEX Push online HERE as well as other GENEX beef and dairy products.

Watch this YOUTUBE video here of my husband Luke administering it to a newborn calf. Want another one? You can also Watch this INSTAGRAM video of my husband Luke adminstering Push to a different newborn calf.

GENEX RumiLife Pop Plus™ : direct fed microbial

We use Pop Plus when we have a scouring calf. It is a direct fed microbial meaning it will help correct or re-establish the microbes in the intestinal tract of the calf.


Want to learn more about calving? Watch this video on our YOUTUBE channel

Interested in more ranching tips. Head to this blogpost on our FAVORITE RANCHING NECESSITIES

Thank you to GENEX Beef for sponsoring this post.

GENEX beef and dairy : a ranchers review on calving products

xoxo Nat

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