At this point, you all have probably heard about the recent launch of Elevate Ag, the E-Course. Tara and I just wrapped up the beta launch, and we already can’t wait for the launch in May. While you wait, you can get excited about the launch of Elevate the Podcast. Elevate the Podcast will launch on April 19. And the best part is we will be launching our trailer and the first three episodes on April 19! If you love it, you will be able to binge the first few episodes. You can subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts here.

In addition to announcing the launch, I also wanted to share some insider information about what kind of content you can expect to come out of Elevate the Podcast. Just like our courses, the podcast was created by agriculture, for agriculture and those in the ag, rural and western industry space. There are three types of episodes: Interview, Mastermind, and Business Shots.

Want to Join Us?

For the interviews, Tara and I talked with some of the most incredible entrepreneurs from the ag, rural and western spaces. In these episodes, you can expect to hear the stories of how these women built and grew their businesses, from the big moments to the challenging moments. And everything in between.

Tara and I will also be doing masterminds, where we work with entrepreneurs on the struggles they are facing in their businesses. We work through ways they can grow, change, or pivot their businesses depending on where they are at and what their question is. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, you can apply to be on our mastermind episodes using this form.

Finally, we have our business shots. In these episodes, it will just be Natalie and me with a deep-dive conversation on topics like balancing life and business, quitting your full-time job, how to build a six-figure business, and much more.


In our first episode on April 19, we were excited to host Sandi Brock, the face of Sheepishly Me. Sandi has been in the agriculture industry since the 90s but has honed her specialty over the last ten years. We hope that you will tune in for her episode to learn her full story and the ins and outs of what it’s like running and operating a sheep farm while sharing it on YouTube to more than 600K subscribers.

What Elevate the Podcast Needs from You!

If you are excited about our new podcast, we have a big favor to ask. Regardless of where you listen to your podcasts, please leave us a review and share to your IG stories encouraging others to listen too, and in turn, we will select a winner from the reviews to receive a free business/IG Audit with Tara and me.

It’s time to lift the voices of entrepreneurs in the ag, rural and western space, and we can’t wait to bring you along for the ride. Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up for the Elevate Ag Newsletter, make sure to do so you can catch all the newest updates on the podcast, courses, and latest news.

Elevate the Podcast

xoxo Nat


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