In the post I share what I consider to be a top winter wear for babies and toddlers, and my number one ranch and farm mom must have item.

If you are raising kids outside, you NEED this fleece. It is hands down the best winter wear for babies and toddlers.




Ok. Let’s talk about this fleece and why its the best for winter wear

I wish I could take credit for discovering it, but I cant. The first one I got was a gift from a friend and little did I know how life changing it would be. This fleece is so much more than just a fleece. It’s single handedly helping mothers everywhere keep their sanity while offering families a chance to make memories outside together. Trust me, this fleece is an absolute ranch & farm mom must have if you plan to spend anytime outside with your kids during the cold months.

Favorite features that make it a must have

1.) The fact that the hands and feet fold over. It’s simple but important. I have never have to deal with baby gloves or boots or anything troublesome like that. If it’s cold I fold the feet and hands over and no skin shows so I know they’re being kept warm. If it’s nice, then I pull their hands and feet free. I’m telling you I cannot stress how important this simple function is. 

2.) I also love the easy accessibly. It zips from the foot to the chest, making it easy to throw over whatever clothing they are already wearing for the day.

3.) The hood is a key player too. No more keeping track of beanies or trying to get them to keep a beanie on. On extremely cold days I do pair the fleece with a hat of some sort, but most of the time the hood is suffice.

fleece work wear sizing information

I consider it true to size. Both my kids wore the 3-6 months size for their first winter (3-7 months of age). The next size I ordered for them both was the 18-24 months. Jaks wore this around 9 months of age (he is bigger for his age and was sizing up in other clothing too). It fit him almost perfect around 15 months of age and he wore this fleece until he was 2T+ and could fit into coveralls. Rue is currently wearing the same fleece around 12 months of age and it fits perfect (again he’s sizing up in all his clothes).

Additional Ranch Mom Tip: I order a very large amount of FLEECE onesie pajamas from Carters. I catch one of their sales where one piece pajamas are $6-$8 dollars and on extremely cold days this is what I leave my kids in. I mean what could be warmer than a fleece onesie underneath a fleece onesie? 

Shop more ranch workwear for the family here

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xoxo Nat

  1. Kelly Pottkotter says:

    As always, such a helpful post! You do a great job promoting and advocating for farmers. Keep it up!!

  2. lauren says:

    That is so adorable. I will definitely look into buying one! Thank you for your content. I’ve bought 2 awesome jackets because of your photos and recommendations.

  3. Sydney says:

    Such a great article, will definitely be buying these for our little one due in 2022 to enjoy the outdoors on our farm!

  4. Michelle says:

    This is such good information!
    Fleece is so so good for cold weather 😍

  5. Shelbie says:

    Great information! Definitely need to get some for our son to keep warm in the South Dakota Winters!

  6. Mackenzie K. says:

    These look so cozy and easy to get on and off for chores!

  7. Josey Pentz says:

    Baby boy coming soon and he needs these to help his dad feed cows in North Dakota! Love you girl! Best and realist one out there! ❤️

  8. Siera Rush says:

    Veterinarian and soon to be mom, these will definitely be needed on weekend family calls! Thanks for the great info., so helpful!

  9. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness this is a NEED!

  10. Grace martin says:

    We got the fleece suit from your recommendations! It is the best, going to get one of the full snow suits since we live in mn and I’m sure that will be warmer! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Josh says:

    This would be a great surprise for my wife! Also I enjoy learning about ranching and cattle from ur YouTube channel! Merry Christmas and happy new you.

    PS. It would be cool to see Luke and Laurence from this farm wife. Chat about cattle or just have a story telling.

  12. Nettie says:

    Our little farm boy due in 2022 definitely needs one of these 😍

  13. Sadie Steele says:

    Bought one for my girl last year based on your recommendation now have a little boy that this would perfect for!

  14. Sadie Steele says:

    Ohh! This one would be perfect for all the snow days and chores!

  15. Leann McFarland says:

    Thanks for the info about these fleece ! I need one for my 1yr old chore helper! ☺️

  16. Mandi says:

    Good information to keep in our back pocket for the future! As always. Thank you so much!

  17. Lyndsey says:

    I need! Wilson winters!

  18. Grand baby definitely needs one when our feeding and cleaning .

  19. Nicole Clark says:

    This post is so helpful! I am in need of some warm chore gear that’s easy to throw on and warm for my little helper. These other little suits would also be amazing for our other little who will be joining us in Feb. Thanks for the real life reviews on products that work for working families 😊

  20. Michaela says:

    This would be perfect for my boys!

  21. Chaney Zeisler says:

    Having a baby in May and have already considered getting one of these for next winter so we can spend time helping Dad outside! 🙂

  22. Bailey O says:

    Thank you for sharing this fleece suit! I wish I would’ve known about this last winter when our first born could’ve fit into something like this, now he’s 2 years old and into coveralls but we are expecting our second baby so this fleece suit would be the way to go.

  23. Jeni says:

    Here for the cute baby content and of course the fleece giveaway 🙂

  24. Meghan Liechty says:

    They look so cozy and warm! Going to look into getting one for my little guy!

  25. Nicole says:

    As a first time mom, I cannot thank you enough for sharing practical tips and recommendations for life on the farm with a little one.

  26. Morgan says:

    I’m pregnant with my first! I haven’t even thought about winter wear for babies yet, and this post was very insightful. ❤️

  27. Tori says:

    Trying to stay active in day-to-day farm chores with my little dude has probably been the biggest challenge since becoming a mama. Seeing you embrace it so fully and share ways to make it easier is so encouraging! Love posts like this ❤️

  28. Hillary says:

    So helpful

  29. Hannah Champlin says:

    I’m all about keeping track of less accessories like gloves/hats on the farm! Today is my due date with our first child and can’t wait to use a fleece like this on them.

  30. Leslie says:

    Definitely saving this post. Good information for the babies 🤗

  31. RiKelle says:

    We just bought a farm this past year and it is a lot of work! And so slow, since this is our first time doing our own farm (my husband grew up on a ranch, but we’ve been in town all our married lives). I enjoy farm work in the cold, and it’s nice to have ideas of how to keep the babes warm. I’m new to ag (I married into it) but loving learning more about it as we go! Ag people are our kind of people.

  32. Corstiaan den Hollander says:

    These fleeces look perfect for the little ones!


  33. Ashley H. says:

    Love your practical reviews. You make the decision easy. My 4 month old girl loves being outside. I’ll be trying to pick up a pair of both suits for our Midwest winter.

  34. Erin Kernaleguen says:

    They seem perfect for Saskatchewan winters! Our first baby arrives in a couple months 😊

  35. Janelle says:

    I totally agree! I’d gotten a hand me down fleece for my daughter, and now wishing it wasn’t pink for my son 😊

  36. Michelle Croy says:

    Great information and I love the practical use of fleece. They are super cute too. My 6 month old great nephew spends the days outside with his folks and these look like they would be fantastic for those cold Colorado days.

  37. Shelly Long says:

    I’ve been wanting to check this fleece out for awhile now. This would be perfect for my grandsons checking calves. I always appreciate all your posts.

  38. Mattie says:

    I don’t have kids but I trust your judgement on these so much I recommend them to all my mom friends!!! If I get one, I know exactly who I am sharing it with!! My future babies will be bundled in these all winter long!!

  39. Amy Vink says:

    These are so adorable and look perfect for keeping the little ones comfortable and happy, especially in those snowy and windy seasons!

  40. S. HUDDLESTON says:

    I was blessed with 3 new nephews in 2021, all now 3-6 months old. Would love to bless them with some new warm winter wear : ) Thanks for what you do-from Eastern CO

  41. Brandice says:

    Love all of your content <3 I have a little ranch baby who would love a cozy Kovarik hand-me-down.

  42. Buzzard says:

    Thanks for the links to great workwear!

  43. Kaitlyn says:

    We love the Columbia onesies!

  44. Melissa says:

    Just got a Columbia one for my little guy. Great for hiking too! Especially on autumn days.

  45. Cecily says:

    This is my first winter with a 6 month old. My first 3 babies were Fall babies and tiny and bundled to the max. Now I have a older baby and trying to let him move freely (he’s crawling) and keeping him warm has been a challenge! Love this fleece outfits (it now says it’s sold out on Columbia’s site 😭) but I’ll be checking back for it to come back! Thanks for sharing this product and information.

  46. Christa says:

    Definitely will need to be ordering one for our newborn. Watching you haul your boys around the ranch makes me feel so much more confident in taking baby girl out with us!

  47. Bailey says:

    Definitely need one for our little one! ❤️

  48. Rachel says:

    If it’s warm enough for Nebraska, I’m sold. Where do I sign? Seriously though, all it takes to have kids enjoy the outdoors in all weather is the right gear. I’m thankful Natalie shared this trick so my family and other could benefit from it!

  49. Amber says:

    Good cold weather great makes all the difference!! Especially for kids

  50. Marilyn Fincher says:

    As a new momma with a 5 month old heading into winter I am so thankful for this blog! Can’t wait to get my little guy outside this winter.

  51. Stephanie ayres says:

    I throughly enjoy your Instagram posts and all the helpful links that you share for clothing. You defiantly help spread the wealth on just how much goes into working on a farm. Thank you for doing your part and educating the world about ag!

  52. Somer Moreno says:

    So adorable! I’ve actually been searching for winter wear for my 5 months old – gotta be prepared to brave those Idaho winters on the ranch! This blog was so so helpful, it helps to have someone who truly uses the product to give info on it! Love your posts!

  53. Jeni says:

    This would be so useful come this next calving season. Hopefully our little one would look so cute in this.

  54. Cadison says:

    Love it!! I need one for my baby!

  55. Hollie says:

    It is adorable I don’t have a baby but I would love to get one to donate to a needy family in the Bay Area🎄😉

  56. Elena says:

    YAY! Our little boys are around the same age, they would totally be friends down to their blonde hair billowing in the Nebraska gales. Definitely been looking at these buntings as we put growing out of our baby suit. Thank you!

  57. Rebecca says:

    Great blog post! Thinking of getting one of these for my nephew! He is getting ready for his first winter in Pennsylvania! Thanks for sharing!

  58. Aimee Sitter says:

    Thank you for sharing! Looking for farm outerwear for our babes first winter on the farm!

  59. Maria says:

    I love this! These fleeces are a must have!

  60. Christina says:

    Fleece onesies for the winter win for our first daughter as well and will continue once bb girl 2 is here!

  61. Jen says:

    Christmas wish list! Trying to be more confident bringing baby out with us during chores. This fleece looks super comfy & warm. Perfect for northern Vermont winters!

  62. Haley Miles says:

    I wish I could show you the video of Bogue in his much to big bunting that went back. He just gave up and laid there.

  63. Brett Rempel says:

    Bah! I’ve had that fleece in a cart since I found out I was pregnant with my third! Had baby boy in October and still haven’t pulled the trigger! Not to mention we’re in Canada so ya know… cold.

  64. Katelyn Larson says:

    Fleece jammies under the fleece suit is genius!

  65. Michelle says:

    Love this. I love taking my kids outside. Sometimes that’s all they need for the day. Growing up I could wash dishes or feed the horses. You know I was still feeding the horses in a blizzard! I desperately need something for my son who’s 1. He’s quickly catching up to my 3yo daughter and I won’t have any more hand me downs.

  66. Kirstie says:

    Definitely going to have to try this out for my little one!

  67. Abby Glassgow says:

    Baby boy coming in early February: right before calving season and blizzards. Definitely on my list for babies so they can ride along and stay cozy while we haul the calves to the barn!

  68. Josie Alder says:

    Thank you for sharing your favorites! I have two little ones that get packed around the ranch all winter while feeding. These would be perfect, layering kids up multiple times a day gets old! Having a one piece is genius!

  69. Amanda Torkelson says:

    Awww looks so snuggly and warm. I should get one for Hank 💙!

  70. Shelbee Applin says:

    Everytime you post Rue wearing this I think I should get one but I haven’t yet! My daughter loves being outside on our ranch and we haven’t been able to as much as we like since it got cold!

  71. Angelina says:

    Love the ability to fold over the sleeves! Such a time saver and works so well! These suits are so sweet!

  72. Rose Schertenleib says:

    We definitely need to invest in some warm fleece suits for these chilly NE WA mountain winters!

  73. Theresa Young says:

    Fleece is a must have on the farm during the colder months because my kids still love playing outside! Thanks for the tips!

  74. Jasmin says:

    Bookmarking this! We are expecting our first child (boy) in April 2022 and will officially be on our new property by next winter! This is very helpful to refer back to when the time comes.

  75. Your recommendations are always great! 🙌🏻

  76. Chelsea Thelen says:

    I am a first grade teacher and my husband is a rancher. We live on a ranch in Colorado and I just found out I’m pregnant with my first and he’s a baby boy! I would love some winter gear for him as it gets so cold here! ❤️

  77. Morgan Witt says:

    How cute!! Definitely looking into getting my 4 month old some of these to go out on the farm!

  78. Jenna Severs says:

    Perfect way to keep their clothes clean while they enjoy the ranch! Can’t wait to try this for my little guy next winter!

  79. Melissa says:

    Ah! Ordered the fleece for my little guy and it is a-ma-zing! Thank you oodles for the suggestion! Thank you also for all you do for the ag community! You’re doing lots of good, my friend!

  80. Jordan says:

    This is so helpful, thank you for sharing!! We have a little girl who is 4 months old. After the hustle and bustle of holidays, I’m so looking forward to our adventures together outside during calving season. Will definitely need something like this to keep her warm and happy so we can make memories doing what our family loves together. Thanks again, Natalie!

    • natalie says:

      hi Jordan !! You’re the winner of the red fleece. Please DM me on instagram 🙂

    • natalie says:

      hi Jordan !! thanks for following along !!! You’re the winner of the red fleece. Please DM me on instagram 🙂

  81. Alli Fought says:

    I love that they cover their little hands! I think my little guy would chew on the hand covers but i think it’d still be worth it! We have 3 more months until our calving season starts and I bet little man would love this!

  82. Alexa Weathers says:

    Working on my family’s hop farm is my true passion and I’m dreading the thought of having to stay inside the office so the little one can stay warm and clean. These onesies would be a game changer!!

  83. Sophie says:

    I bought the fleece Columbia suit off of your recommendation, and it’s been a lifesaver! So easy to just zip up the baby and go outside if I need to do something. With all the snow we just got I’ll probably buy the carhartt or snowsuit next

  84. Lindsay Beal says:

    I wish they had these when my babies were little instead of the bulky snowsuits they couldn’t move in 😂. I’m going to remember to give these as gifts. That’s for sharing.

  85. […] for kids stuff? Read THIS POST. It is my number one recommended item for new ranch and farm moms looking to venture outside with […]

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