Welcome to my “best of” series – where each month I share one thing that I’m buying, eating, reading and listening to. Below is the best of January: a new artist I recently discovered that I can’t stop listening too. The newsletter I subscribe too to stay up to date on behind the scenes of animal activism. Where to buy some seriously neat handmade copper mugs, and a recipe for a loaded mac and cheese that we all voted to keep in the “make again” folder.

What I’m buying: handmade copper mugs

For Lukes birthday I got him THESE Handlebend handmade copper mugs. He loved them. They are built by hand in a small town in Nebraska and are quality I didn’t know you could get in a copper mug. You have the option to personalize them too. I had them put our brand on a set for an extra special touch. These are something that will be handed down for generations to come. SHOP HERE

What I’m listening to: Cole Chaneys Mercy Album

This is Cole Chaneys FIRST recorded album and holy cow I AM LISTENING NON STOP. I haven’t been this obsessed with an album or an artist since I first discovered Paul Cauthen. I’d describe It as a raw Appalachian sound with plenty of acoustic and string instruments. I added every song from the album to my Spotify playlist. This guy is going places. Listen to MERCY ALBM HERE and here’s the link to my Spotify channel for more of my favorite music

What I’m eating: loaded Mac and Cheese

This past week we switched things up and made this cajun Mac and cheese for dinner. We added more meat, because duh, and it was just a fun hearty mix up to our normal rotation of dinners. We used ham, sausage and bacon and I chose a spiral barilla for the pasta. Two thumbs up. MAKE IT HERE

What I’m reading: how I keep up with activists

I stumbled across Protect The Harvest a few months ago. It is a non profit that was created to defend and preserve American freedoms and to support farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal owners. Their mission is to inform. protect and respond. I subscribed to their newsletter as a way to keep up on activist information and important things that are happening behind the scenes that could affect Ag. Read more about it HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE

Hope you enjoyed my Best of January. You can read Best of December HERE. It includes a delicious fall sausage soup recipe, some high quality yet affordably priced slippers, my favorite way to start up to date on Ag news and a fun new country song by Alex Key. CHECK IT OUT.

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Jan Best: Handmade Copper Mugs & cajun Mac and Cheese

xoxo Nat

  1. Heidi Dack says:

    Those copper mugs are gorgeous!!! Such a cool birthday present:)

  2. Carrie S says:

    I love mixing up my Mac and cheese and that one looks so good! For sure adding ingredients for my next grocery list!

  3. […] the best of January here. It includes Cooper mugs I had our brand placed on for Luke’s birthday gift. A delicious Mac […]

  4. […] can read the best of Jan here. It includes Cooper mugs I had our brand placed on for Luke’s birthday gift. A delicious Mac […]

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